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Viewing Tips

Click on any thumbnail in a gallery and you will see a larger image, 600 pixels high. Above this image are the usual navigation links (forward, backward, return to thumbnail page) and

"view larger image" to see a larger image,

which will be 1200 pixels high, or something smaller if the original image is less than 1200 pixels high. This larger file will open in a new browser window, which you will want to close after viewing.

Clicking on "return to home page" will always take you there.

If you are viewing the photos on the web and want to download a higher resolution file, use "view larger image" to bring up the high-res file on your browser.  Then right click the image and choose Save Target As or Save Image As.

In the caption below the 600 pixel high image you will find the date and time of the photo.

All images are copyright 2010 by Robert Stokstad.  Please request permission for any use other than personal.  Thanks.

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