What's new (2022) in Metal Work

Garden Art Collection 2022    In recent years my interests have broadened to include a larger variety of things made from recycled materials: Whimsical creations, sculptures, what's often called 'scrap metal art' and whatever else I find interesting.  A sampling of this is shown in the Garden Art Collection.

What's new (2017) in the Galleries

Railroad Spike Candle Holder    This reflects a broadening of source material beyond horseshoes to include railroad spikes.  (10 new photos)

Six-Bottle Wine Rack   The new twist here is that I'm now using brand new shoes instead of recycled ones.  (8 photos)

Door-pulls and a gate latch    More practical hardware.

Horseshoe Hearts   The hearts are forged - there's no way to do this without red heat.

Bottle Openers    Not a lot of call for these in recent decades because of twist-off bottle caps.  But they're easy to make and are certainly different.

Railroad Spike Hanger   The idea for the big-and-little-spike hanger came from a bar in the Central Valley where we stopped for lunch.

Business Card Holders    Four designs here, one of which I borrowed.

Craft Fairs   Photos of displays at some of the craft fairs I've been to in the last three years.